Casual Talk : What Does The Future Hold For Smart Phones

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“Yo man, I copped that Evo3D”
“Damn son for real?  Why didn’t you wait for the Galaxy S II”

If you listen to anybody talking about smart phones nowadays, I’m sure you’d probably overhear a very similar conversation. It seems that no matter what you do, you can’t stay up to date with the hottest stuff. Ever since the release of the iPhone, the cell phone industry has been on fire in a pseudo arms race.  While the iPhone has been the tortoise in these races, other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola have pushed out Android powered devices like Lil Wayne singles. Some argue that this is “watering down the market” others feel as though its good for business. Let’s look at this from a consumer standpoint, shall we?

As we begin our journey into fantasy land, we’ll pretend that I’m a new customer at Verizon. I’m in the market for a new phone and I see the Droid Bionic.  Sweet, its advertised everywhere that Big Red has space…and rightfully so.  I end up buying this beast of a phone and I’m loving it. Fast forward to the near future with the release of the Nexus Prime.  Now, as a customer I’m pretty pissed.  I just got this Bionic, and it’s dope, don’t get me wrong, but just 2 months after I buy it, ANOTHER phone comes along and completely blows it out of the water..and I’m stuck with this one for 2 years! This is becoming a big problem for the industry. Carriers are dropping new smart phones every few months,and we’re stuck with the same device for the duration of our two-year agreement. I can barely keep a phone for six months,without it feeling like it’s from “The Land of The Lost” but two years,that’s insane. As a tech head, I love that manufacturers are pushing the limits with hardware with the now standard dual core CPUs, but something has to give here. Phone hardware is becoming increasingly more powerful, especially with the addition of quadcore processors on the horizon.

As customers where do we draw the line? Do we just say “Fuck it I’ll sell this device I have to help now so that this $500 off contract price isn’t so bad.” or do we simply just stop caring?  I would love to see further innovation outside of just pure processing power.  How about battery life?  I know that multi-core processors are in fact great for battery life , but why hasn’t there been any REAL innovation with batteries? Why can’t they make a smart phone that allows you to use ALL of its features, without having to worry about bringing extra batteries, getting extended batteries, or *gasp* turning off those lovely bells and whistles that you spend your hard-earned cash to use?  Why hasn’t there been any real innovation in what we NEED our smart phones to do……make calls?  I understand that each network is different, but I’m sure there can be some improvements could be made in the handsets antennas. All I’m saying is that why can’t these companies go back to the basics.  Reinvent the wheel if you will.  You can’t honestly tell me that waiting nine months to a year to push out a new phone, rather than three to six months will not yield a better product.

2011 was the year of the tablet so to speak. These are the new “it” item. Let’s be honest with ourselves, tablets are just big ass smart phones. Does that make any of us want one less?  Hell no, but I digress.  They are sweet devices that have their places in the tech world, but how does this affect the phone industry?  Almost every major smart phone sports no smaller than a 4-inch display. With the addition of Ice Cream Sandwich and its rumored non-reliance on physical buttons, we’ll likely see larger displays in the future. Will this render tablets obsolete? Will they disappear as quickly as they burst on the scene? Probably not. As a tablet user, I find myself using my Evo for less and less things that I used to. If I need to browse the web, I grab my tablet. Playing games? 4.3in screen?  Negro Please! I’m grabbing my tablet. This will likely shake up the smart phone industry more than one would think. Unfortunately, change will come in the form of bigger screens, multi-core processors and most likely some cool new software feature. I for one, would hope for something sane, such as, oh I don’t know, lower prices perhaps?

Some of these things make all too much sense, but not enough cents for the manufacturers.  Are we being consistently rope a doped by the likes of Samsung, HTC and Apple?  Perhaps, but at some point, as consumers, we’re gonna run out of gas, and money for that matter, trying to stay up on the latest,greatest product.

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